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Apple puts an iPad in a Ferrari, more collaboration on the way?

Today at the Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari announced that its four-seat FF sports car, originally debuted in 2011, is getting a touch of Apple in the form of two iPad minis mounted in the headrests of its front seats. According to Bloomberg, the inclusion of the tablets marks the start of an expanded partnership between the Cupertino company and the renowned Italian auto maker, which added Apple's internet software and services boss Eddy Cue to its board of directors last year.

There's no further word from Bloomberg -- which insists on referring to the iPad as "I-Pad" for some reason -- on how the deal will unfold, but the inclusion of iPad mini in other models makes sense for starters. As it stands with the US$300,000 FF, the car's entertainment system supports audio integration and Siri-based voice controls.

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