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BBC iPlayer coming to UK Windows Phone 7.5 and 8 handsets in 'next few months'

Sharif Sakr

The BBC's Cyrus Saihan has just hit us with the news that iPlayer will soon be available on Windows Phones in the UK, following a deal with Microsoft. Technically speaking, it'll be a browser-based shortcut, but it sounds like it should function much like a regular app: it'll be available from the Windows Phone Store and run on WP 7.5 and 8 handsets with its own live tile. According to the BBC's press office, which seems to be a bit more specific with its time frames, the service should become available within the "next few months". Sure, there have been false starts in the past, and various technical hiccups that have made it difficult for the Beeb to support Microsoft's mobile OS, but this time -- finally -- it's for real.

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