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God of Blades slays Android


God of Blades, the only game that combines brutal sword duels and your local library, is now escaping the bounds of iOS and invading Android. And to celebrate the surprise launch, developer White Whale Games has the new version on sale for 99 cents (normally $3).

God of Blades adds a layer of meaning to its otherworldly sword-hacking by awarding players special swords for visiting libraries in the real world. This connects the game's pulp novel inspirations with the idea of scouring the shelves for some previously undiscovered inspiration of your own, and helping to keep obscure fiction from being forgotten. You don't really have to think about that stuff to play it (just swipe to cut, mostly) but that deeper meaning is there if you want it.

To get a better idea of how the game works, you can play its multiplayer PC/Mac variant Slayers here.

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