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Icy dangers revealed in Neverwinter's Icespire Peak trailer

MJ Guthrie

Is it Neverwinter or always winter? According to the newest trailer released by Perfect World, the lands of the upcoming free-to-play fantasy game based on the Dungeons & Dragons franchise could be plunged into eternal winter unless brave adventurers step in to help. Touching on Dwarven lore, this video reveals the Icespire Peak, an adventure zone where players will fight to thwart the frost giants who have seized control of Winterforge and aim to expand their frozen empire.

Watch as the action heats up when adventurers face off against their frozen foes in the trailer after the cut. And don't forget to check out the beta action live as Massively TV brings you six hours of Neverwinter livestreams on Friday and Saturday.

[Source: Perfect World press release]

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