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Last Week in WoW: Patch 5.2 roundup edition


Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. Patch 5.2 is confirmed for today, and downtime's starting at 1 a.m Pacific time. With that in mind, we're digging back deeper than a week and bringing you all the biggest hits of our patch 5.2 coverage.

In our roundup below you'll find plenty of guides to new features, new class changes, new raids, and new loot. Whether you're waiting to patch, waiting for the servers to come back up, or just waiting to get home and play, you'll want to read up and jump on the servers with some extra knowledge under your belt.

Hot news and features

Class changes

Reputation and questing news
  • Yoon will give you control of his farm in patch 5.2, and you'll be able to do work orders for extra reputation with Pandarian factions.
  • The Isle of Thunder zone will consist of unlockable segments unlocked by your server's daily completions.
  • You'll be able to choose between PvE or PvP focused dailies every day at the Isle of Thunder.
  • Getting tired of dailies? You can now earn bonus faction reputation from your first random scenario and dungeon of the day, and all it takes is the click of a button in the dungeon finder interface.
Raiding, valor gear, and legendary news
Throne of Thunder boss guides

Throne of Thunder is the new patch 5.2 raid zone, and it features a whole lot of raid bosses. Our intrepid writers were on the PTR fighting them, and bought back reports on these new targets. You can check them out below.
Profession news
PvP news
Mounts, pet battles, and other fun stuff

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