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Patch 5.2: Wrathion and the legendary chain

Anne Stickney

Wrathion's waiting for you, friends. If you have completed all the steps so far in the legendary chain, Wrathion will have some new tasks for you to complete in patch 5.2. While we still aren't entirely certain whether or not he's telling the truth about his motives -- or even whether those motives are bad or good -- we can be absolutely certain of one thing. As long as we help Wrathion, Wrathion keeps handing over the goods. And you can't really argue with that!

Last patch, Wrathion pitted Alliance against Horde in Krasarang Wilds and had us gleefully murdering the opposing faction in an attempt to discover who the true heroes and hearts of the Alliance and Horde really were. While it seems counterproductive to murder the army you're trying to gather together, Wrathion rewarded us with a nice socket for our time. In patch 5.2, Wrathion's concerns have shifted -- and his rewards are worth the effort.

Please note that there are potential minor spoilers for patch 5.2 after the break.

Wrathion has turned his attention to the Isle of Thunder and the secrets that it holds. It's up to us to help him out by finding various artifacts and objects of power on the Isle. PvE players may breathe a sigh of relief, as there are no PvP-required quests in this branch of the chain. However, there are raid bosses and world bosses to kill, as well as items to collect.

  • The Thunder King Players that have completed Wrathion's chain in 5.1 will already have this quest in their logs. Simply return to Wrathion once the patch goes live to turn it in.
  • Meet Me Upstairs Follow Wrathion upstairs. This is by far the easiest portion of the chain to complete.
  • Secrets of the First Empire The collecting begins! Wrathion would like 40 Trillium Bars, as well as 20 Secrets of the Empire. Although Trillium is easily obtained, the Secrets will have to be gathered in the Throne of Thunder raid.
  • I Need A Champion In addition to gathering materials, you'll need to earn exalted reputation with Wrathion. This is easily accomplished by beating the stuffing out of every enemy mob you find on the Isle of Thunder.
  • The Thunder Forge Meet Wrathion at the Thunder Forge on the Isle of Thunder. This section of the island is locked, but will unlock as the patch progresses. This is the single-player scenario mentioned by Dave Kosak in our interview, and should provide a challenge to players.
  • Spirit of the Storm Lord This requires the Isle of Thunder to be fully unlocked. Players will have to engage Nalak, a new world raid boss, at the Foot of Lei Shen.
  • Echoes of the Titans Wrathion now wants you to head back into the Throne of Thunder and collect 12 Titan Runestones.
  • Heart of the Thunder King Lei Shen is a being of immeasurable power. Wrathion likes power. You'll need to head to the Throne of Thunder and return with the Heart of the Thunder King to make him happy.
  • The Crown of Heaven You've tackled all of Wrathion's challenges, and now it's time to claim your reward! Head to Mason's Folly to meet up with Wrathion and collect it.
  • A Reckoning Wrathion certainly seems to know what the next step of his master plan is. We'll need to return to him in patch 5.3 to find out all the details.
Please note that at this time, the exact order of the final quests is still unclear. However, the rewards for completing the chain have already been revealed. Players will obtain one of four legendary metagems for their efforts. Choose from the Indomitable Primal Diamond, the Courageous Primal Diamond, the Capacitive Primal Diamond, or the Sinister Primal Diamond, and pop that into your helm for a healthy buff.

Don't forget, those earlier legendary rewards are still useful, too! The Throne of Thunder doesn't contain any Sha-Touched weapons, so our gems from release are no longer any use. However, the Eye of the Black Prince can be applied to the weapons found in the new raid, which gives us another handy gem slot. If you have already used your Eye on a current weapon, you can purchase another for any new weapons obtained from Commander Oxheart in Townlong Steppes for 2,500 gold.

While Wrathion appears to be done learning all he needs to learn about the Alliance and Horde, there are still plenty of mysteries in Pandaria yet to explore. The ultimate details of what Wrathion discovers will be revealed in due time -- all we can do is go along for the ride, and hope this black dragon isn't quite as deceitful as his predecessor.

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