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Darkfall adds salvaging, prowess point progression

Jef Reahard

Aventurine has broken a bit of its silence relating to the Darkfall Unholy Wars reboot. While the FFA PvP sandbox has been in beta for a while now, it's still not in open beta, and thus news of all the changes has been slow to reach fans who are watching from the sidelines.

Fear not, though, because it's Tasos Flambouras to the rescue with a pair of forum posts detailing the new game's salvaging and prowess point character progression systems.

Salvaging is basically the reverse of the crafting process, and players may salvage crafted equippable gear and broken items which drop from Agon's monsters. Prowess, on the other hand, is gained from all "meaningful interactions" with the game, which includes harvesting, crafting, PvE, and PvP. Skills and attributes are then raised via the prowess system. Aventurine notes that crafting skills are not raised via prowess. "Due to the effect crafting skills have on the economy we felt we should exclude them from the prowess-based system," Flambouras writes. "All crafting skills can be raised by creating items."

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