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Foursquare adds 'quick glide' feature to iOS


I'm one of the millions of people who love checking in at locations all over the world with Foursquare. To date, the free social location-sharing app has logged almost 3 billion check-ins. A new feature appeared in the app's most recent update on February 28 to make it even easier to check in to your favorite restaurant, office or coffee shop.

The feature, called "quick glide" by our friends at TechCrunch, eliminates a few steps in the check-in process. If Foursquare has identified the current location and put one of those blue "Looks like you're at ..." button at the top of the screen, users can just tap and hold that button until a green line glides across the display indicating that the user is checked in.

For those situations where you need to tap the "pin" icon to see a list of local locations, a tap and hold on the correct listing checks you in with the same gliding line indicating your check-in is underway.

It's not much of a change, but just another way to ease the efforts of those of us who want to retain our mayorships at venues around our homes.

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