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Microsoft exec teases that Office 365 will get new apps, rapid-fire updates


Microsoft would really, really like us to drop our stand-alone copies of Office in favor of Office 365 subscriptions. Really. Division president Kurt DelBene prefers to lure us in with the carrot rather than the stick, however, and just hinted at the company's TechForum that there will likely be a "rapid cadence" of upgrades to keep productivity fans happy. There's even the prospect of new apps coming out for subscribers. While that's tempting, DelBene also wants to allay fears that we'll be dragged kicking and screaming into the company's recurring revenue model. Microsoft will keep making a buy-once-use-forever edition of Office "as long as that demand exists," the exec says. He hasn't elaborated on where that threshold rests, but it's safe to presume that we'll be voting with our wallets for a good while.

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