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Sky Claw and heirloom shields join Pierre in the coming soon pile

WoW Insider posted recently about the removal of engineering pet and cooking stove combo Pierre from patch 5.2. We weren't sure why he'd gone, but in more bad news for engineers, the Sky Claw mount is also absent, as Ghostcrawler confirms below:
Not only that, but heirloom shields are also not going to be coming with patch 5.2, as Senior Community Rep Zarhym confirms in a forum thread:

Heirloom shields were originally planned to be added in patch 5.2, but, unfortunately, due to a late-breaking bug with these items which prevented them from properly scaling with level, we had to remove them. We still want to get these shields in the game and plan to do so in a future patch.

It's always a shame when much-anticipated items can't make it into the game, especially when they're as cool as the Sky Claw. We hope for their speedy repair, and to see them soon.

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