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AVP Evolution hosting a contest to put fan art in the game


Fox recently released an official Aliens vs. Predator action game on the App Store called AVP Evolution, which you can pick up if interested right now for US$4.99. Unfortunately, we weren't that impressed with the game here at TUAW -- it's a pretty boring action game with some solid graphics (and a good representation of the two sci-fi licenses), but some less-than-stellar gameplay. But AVP fans might get a kick out of it, as there are plenty of Super Predators and Alien queens involved. Plus, Fox is now hosting a big art contest for the game on their Facebook page.

To enter, you'll need to go over to the Facebook page, Like it, and then submit your art there. Works can't be any bigger than 3 MB, and Fox asks that they're at least 300 dpi (presumably so they'll work when included in the app). Entries will be chosen based on originality, quality, a fit with the AVP storyline and a popular vote, and one winner will see his or her art included in the app itself. Four other runner-ups will also get an AVP DVD collection for their trouble, and of course the rest of us get to see some sweet AVP art.

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