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Breakfast Topic: What's your WoW wishlist?


My friend Alex recently posted a great question on her blog, asking what your WoW wishlist is. And I thought this question would do well with the WoW Insider community, so here we go. Alex's wishlist was largely things I'd like to see, too, but let's try to think outside the box. She was wishing for a pet battle app for her mobile phone, something we've all thought was coming for a while, BoAs that are actually BoA, and character models. And, interestingly, an alt-friendly environment, which is definitely something I'd like to see return. The pendulum swung too far in that direction in late Cataclysm, yes, but I think it's gone back too far the other way in Mists. Hopefully patch 5.2 will do something to remedy that!

Leaving Alex's list for now, what else would be on my list? I would love my in-game mailbox to be on my the mobile app, and not just the auction house element. I often use in-game mail to communicate with people who are offline when I try to reach them, and I'd love to be able to do that with my phone or tablet. As far as the game, I'd love to see recipes like the enchanting ones become BoA. I don't see why, once one toon is at revered with a faction, they can't send recipes around. In fact, I'd like to see the recipe acquisition for all crafting professions made considerably less tiresome. The pot-luck jewelcrafting method is seriously aggravating!

But what about you? What's your WoW wishlist?

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