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Camelot Unchained is all about pride

Eliot Lefebvre

When you play Camelot Unchained, Mark Jacobs wants you to be proud. Not just about your decision to play his game, but about every individual choice you made in playing that game. He wants you to have pride about your race, pride about your server, pride about your guild, possibly even pride about your choice of keyboard. That's the entire point of the latest development blog post: pride and the elements that build up to player pride.

Jacobs argues that there are two sides to making every part of a character a source of pride. In many cases, such as with races and factions, it's important that the lore be appealing and resonant with players. In other cases, such as classes, it's more important that each feels powerful and unique while still feeling as if it needs something more. The entry goes into detail on several points about pride, ranging from factions to servers, and if you're eyeing the game in anticipation, it's worth looking through the points of pride.

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