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Double Dragon 2 remake achievements suggest upcoming, belated release


Achievements emerged today for Gravity's 3D XBLA remake of Double Dragon 2, subtitled Wander of the Dragons, a bit surprising really since we haven't heard anything about the game in 18 months. The remake, based on the arcade version of Double Dragon 2: The Revenge, was originally earmarked for a September 2011 release, a window it missed somewhat. However, today's listing on Xbox360Achievements doesn't just suggest there's still life in the game, but also that it's due for release soon.

Wander of the Dragon, developed by the Gravity-owned Barunson Interactive of MMO Dragonica fame, doesn't much resemble the original game, mixing up a more modern-looking style of beat-em-up with different character designs, as you can see for yourself in the video above - bear in mind that footage is of what was shown back in 2011.

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