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Get back into the game with Blizzard's returning player guide


Are you a former WoW player considering a return to the game, but just don't know where to start with all the new systems since Cataclysm? Or are you a current player looking to help some newly-reinstated WoW friends get the most out of their play time? Nethaera's got you covered, with this detailed and thorough guide for returning players. It doesn't just go over changes in game mechanics, but even reminds players merge their account if it's been years since their last log-in.

The guide mentions pretty much all of the significant changes that have occurred in the last two or three years -- from the talent system overhaul to the addition of battle pets and transmogrification. The guide also serves as a nice one-stop-shop for links to other, more detailed, guides, walkthroughs, and FAQs, so it's a nice hub from an organizational perspective, too, even if you don't need all the guides.

If you are indeed taking the plunge again after an extended absence, welcome back, and along with Nethaera's guide, you may want to check out some of WoW Insider's as well!

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