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Mothership releases Prepo 2, helps devs create app icons and retina artwork


One of the challenges facing developers isn't always writing clean code. A small development team also has to contend with images and icons, which are often the first things a user sees when he stumbles upon your app and takes it on its maiden run.

One app that promises to make artwork and icon preparation easy is Prepo from Mothership. Now in version 2.0, Prepo allows you to put the finishing touches on your iconography and Retina artwork before you submit your app for review. Once you import your image files, Prepo will size the icons for an iPad, iPhone or a universal app. On the artwork side of things, Prepo takes your @2x artwork and reduces it to @1x. It also resizes it and renames it if necessary.

One new feature in Prepo 2 is a LivePreview feature that lets you test out your icons and artwork in realtime on an iOS device. To use LivePreview, you have to purchase the US$4.99 Prepo Plus upgrade and download the iOS version of Prepo on your iPhone or iPad. As long as your Mac and iOS device are on the same WiFi network, you'll be able to view your image assets on your iOS device and make changes on the fly.

Prepo 2 is available now from the Mac App Store for free and you can use it as a standalone editor for your artwork and icons. The companion iOS version is also free, but you have to purchase the Prepo+ upgrade to get the OS X and iOS apps to work together.

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