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Ouya opens app store to devs, producing mini documentary series


Ouya has announced its digital storefront is now accessible to developers ahead of the console's planned shipments to Kickstarter backers on March 28. Developers uploading games to Ouya's servers from today onward will find their wares in front of Ouya backers on launch day.

They will also be eligible for a free promotion in which Ouya will choose the top three games, according to time played over six weeks following the console launch, and feature them in an upcoming series of short documentaries. "We will rely heavily on these documentaries to tell people about OUYA, and we'll share them far and wide as part of our launch marketing in June leading up to the holidays," the Ouya blog post from recent hire Kellee Santiago reads.

The blog post also discusses how Ouya's recently established approval process works. Those who have already submitted for approval during the test phase will have to re-submit.

If you didn't back the Ouya Kickstarter campaign and all goes according to the manufacturing plan, you'll able to purchase an Ouya console for $99 in June, either online or through various retailers.

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