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Black Desert shopping for Western publisher, shares more details about its game world


Black Desert, a soon-to-be-released sandbox MMO in Korea, is shopping around for publishers to bring the title to the U.S. and Europe. MMO Culture spoke with Pearl Abyss' Director of Business Development Brian Oh about the progress of the game's development and all of those pesky details that we MMO players like to know when checking out a new title. While the interview took place last September, it's only now being posted.

Oh spoke on several topics relating to Black Desert's development, such as why the team decided to create its own game engine instead of licensing an existing one. "We aspired to create an entirely different game from typical MMORPGs available today," Oh said, "including the rendering of art and graphics. So with an abundance of in-house experience in developing game engines gained through previous projects, we made our own."

Details about Black Desert's world were shared over the course of the interview, including the news that all classes are available to both genders and can engage in mounted combat. Oh pontificated on the castle siege system, the limited player housing market, and backstory and setting for the game.

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