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Breakfast Topic: Can you adapt?

Matthew Rossi

Okay, so recently I went from just another raider to an officer in my 25 man raid guild. It wasn't exactly by choice so much as out of a desire to help keep a good group rolling into the future. So far, it hasn't been onerous, but one thing I wasn't expecting was to be asked to make calls during fights. This has always been my least favorite thing in the whole of World of Warcraft, and that includes daily quests and 15 minute curses.

What surprised me was that I actually managed it fairly well, once I got used to it. It didn't help my DPS any, but the way I look at it, a dead boss trumps all other considerations. And we did kill the boss, so yay for us. What really stuck out for me was that, despite my belief that I was terrible at making calls, when it came down to it I could do it just fine.

So I ask you - is there any aspect of the game you assumed you were terrible at, only to discover that you can do it just fine? Did you avoid PvP only to discover you are a reaping monster of death to other players? Did you always loathe tanking only to end up being MT for your guild? Were you a healer who discovered that you could DPS?

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