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Deep Sea's Arnott launches Kickstarter for chanting game SoundSelf


Sound designer Robin Arnott, who created the audio-only terror experience Deep Sea and the sound for Antichamber and Capsule, is collaborating with Evan Balster and Topher Sipes to create SoundSelf, a game with the same emphasis on sound as Deep Sea, but a totally different goal.

SoundSelf is a "sensual exploration game about the intrinsic pleasure of playing instead of the rewards of winning." It responds to sound input – right now, chanting – that creates a feedback loop of abstract visuals and music. It's intended to "create an experience as powerfully positive as Deep Sea was powerfully negative."

Arnott is seeking $29,060 for the project on Kickstarter, with any additional funds going toward " longer, more intricate experiences," and experimentation with "more intricate interactivity."

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