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iOS tops among airline passengers


Gogo, the in-flight internet provider for when you're cruising at 37,000 feet, says iOS devices are by far the most prolific users of its service.

According to Gogo's blog, tablets and smartphones account for 67 percent of the devices connecting to its service, and laptops account for the remaining 33 percent. Of those tablets and smartphones, 84 percent of them are iOS devices, with the iPad being the most popular. If you only look at the smartphones, the iPhone accounts for 73 percent.

Gogo notes Safari as the number one browser used, followed by Internet Explorer and then Chrome.

Comparing Apple to Android, Gogo says that in 2011 Apple had a 98.6 percent share, while Android trailed behind with the remaining 3.2 percent. However, so far in 2013, Android has significantly increased its hold to 16 percent, but Apple's still king of the skies at 84 percent.

If you're a frequent flyer, you may want to check out Gogo's easy to use app.

For the infographic and all the details, check out Gogo's blog here.

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