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Project Awakened seeks fan input about continued crowdfunding


Kickstarter may not have worked out for Project Awakened, but Phosphor Games Studio hasn't given up on its crowdfunding efforts, turning to fans to determine whether it should turn to fans.

A survey up on the game's site seeks to determine whether the studio will continue crowdfunding via a direct PayPal campaign, or "continue to work on the project in our spare time," as it had planned to do following the unsuccessful Kickstarter. The results will be tabulated after a week, and a decision will be made based on how much money fans indicate they would be willing to pledge.

Along with this new initiative, Phosphor also announced a "Create-a-Player Sandbox Demo," a sort of playable version of its player creation tech demo. "You all loved this video," the studio writes, "now we are going to give that to you this year!"

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