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Spindle discovery app for iPhone adds keyword-based search alerts, spreads to more US cities


The Spindle for iPhone application is known for making it a breeze to discover nearby restaurants, bars and other local spots by racking up social network updates instead of, you know, check-ins. In its second major installment, Spindle's now brought keyword-based search and notifications to the app, allowing iPhone users to quickly find and get informed about places they are more likely to be attracted to based on their specific interests. What's more, Spindle is now making its social, location-based discovery services available in Austin, Chicago and Seattle, which join New York City, Boston and San Francisco as cities where Spindle is available. Folks in any of the aforementioned areas can grab Spindle 2.0 from the App Store now, and be sure to let us know if it's one that'll be seen permanently on that "social" folder of yours.

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