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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup couldn't get the job done


As discussed in previous Webcomic Wrapups, I play in an online Madden 13 league with 31 other people. While the community side of things is quite fun, it's still a sports video game, which will always bring out the competitive side of players. Our seasons last roughly three months, so a campaign through an entire in-game year feels like quite an accomplishment for everyone involved.

Sadly, my season came to an end recently, as I lost in our league's Super Bowl this week. To be the runner-up has its own merits, but unlike other games, there's no "do-over." The clock hit zero, and I was declared the loser. That means my next chance at a second championship in this multi-year league could land in June, if I make it that deep in the playoffs again.

All things considered, playing in any online sports gaming league with friends is quite the commitment, and is certainly the biggest one I've made. So this week's wrapup question is: What's the greatest gaming commitment you've ever made and completed? While you share your thoughts in the comments section below, check out last week's comics and vote for your favorite after the break!

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