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Apple highlights iPads in Massachusetts classrooms

Anyone who's still wondering if iPads are truly an educational tool should check out the video Apple has posted highlighting the use of iPads in Burlington High, a public Massachusetts high school. The four-minute video spotlights much of what you would expect to see from Apple: teachers speaking about the benefits of the iPad in the classroom and shots of students using the iPad. But the most poignant moments come when administrators discuss the amount of money spent on single-purpose technology in the past.

They note how entire computer labs were only used for word processing, while the iPad is used for a myraid of subjects and applications.

My favorite quote from the video is, "Textbooks are the best way to learn in the 19th century." The administrators argue that classic paper textbooks are outdated a year after you buy them, they're expensive and they're not engaging. They go on to say how students are actually helping teachers craft the curriculum by finding cool educational tools on the iPad and suggesting them for use in class.

Apple notes that these students report a higher interest in learning and engagement due to the iPad program at Burlington High School. Similar initiatives have been rolled out to more than 50 schools in New England.

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