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Breakfast Topic: What do you do when you don't have time for WoW?

It's a sad fact that we all have so-called "real lives" that keep us busy from dawn to dusk (and then some) with work, chores, and other responsibilities. And some days, no matter how carefully I've managed my time or kept up with my to-do list, my scheduled gaming time gets pushed off the agenda for more important things like doing laundry, getting much-needed sleep, or catching up on Once Upon a Time (no spoilers!).

Of course, even when I don't have enough time to play, I usually find myself logging on to do the cooking daily and, if I feel energetic, check the auction house. (Hey, I could actually do that right now, while I'm writing this post! BRB.) And even when I don't find time for that, I keep up with my WoW friends on Twitter and Facebook, so I'm never entirely out of touch with WoW.

What about you, morning readers? Do you have any WoW-inspired habits for those days you just don't have time for WoW?

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