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Microsoft's Lync 2013 now available for Windows Phone, iOS app due later this week


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Good news today for Microsoft Lync account holders, as the company which calls Redmond home just announced that the 2013 version of its mobile clients has arrived on Windows Phone and should be coming soon to iOS. The apps will be bringing some much-requested features to both platforms, including VoIP and video calls, as well as an iPad-only desktop / application share viewing option to make it simpler for those tuned in to understand what exactly you're talking about. Currently, the Lync 2013 client appears to only be compatible with Windows Phone 8, and mum's the word on when, or if, a 7.8 equivalent will be coming. The iOS crowd, on the other hand, should be able to download the new application as soon as it goes through Cupertino's regulatory App Store approval process -- which, according to the Lync team, is expected to be in the coming days.

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