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Starter zones for Dragon's Prophet unveiled

MJ Guthrie

Every story has to start somewhere, and for the folks entering mystical world of Auratia in Dragon's Prophet, it will begin in either the rugged island of Bakra or the vast plains of Satuma. SOE has revealed the two starting zones for the upcoming fantasy MMO from Runewaker that will feature dragons, dragons, and more dragons. Each zone boasts its own unique scenery and contains quests and content for players up to level 30.

Scarred by a fight between two legendary dragons, the land on Bakra is marked by steep gorges and ruined cities. Life on this island focuses on mining and trade, though wild dragons inhabit deserted mining pits. In Satuma, the battles of the First Dragon War widened the plains until, in time, they became a massive lake. Many inhabitants ply the fishing trade, although a dangerous sub-human species called Wolfmen has also evolved.

Dragon's Prophet begins its Taiwanese beta in just two days; folks who are hoping to get into beta can try for the keys that will be distributed at SOE's meet and greet at PAX East.

[Source: SOE press release]

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