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Trion breathes new life into RIFT with Raptr Rewards promotion

Engaging new players and retaining veteran ones is one of the great life goals of every MMO. Trion looked to outside incentive in trying to find ways to revitalize RIFT's playerbase. Partnering with Raptr, Trion came up with a four-tier reward system that gave players everything from a free copy of the game to in-game ranks, mounts, and gear.

The free copy of RIFT was accompanied by a month of game-time and served as the first reward, meant to bring in players of other RPGs. The other tiers were aimed toward veteran-type players. Al the rewards were available from mid-November to the end of January.

How effective were these rewards? RIFT's daily active players on Raptr increased 470% over the length of the promotion, and average daily playtime jumped up from four hours a day to just over six.

It's almost like players like getting stuff.

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