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Apple continues to improve Maps for several cities around the world

Apple has updated a number of cities with new or expanded Flyover support, updated 3D buildings and turn-by-turn navigation, according to The Loop. The updates have been quietly rolling out over the last few months. Since the updates are pushed via Apple's Maps servers they do not require updates to iOS.

Cities that saw new flyover coverage include Houston, Texas, US; Stockholm, Sweden; Munich, Germany; London, England; Madrid, Spain; Rome, Italy; and Copenhagen, Denmark. Cities with Flyover coverage for the first time include Albany, New York, US; Indianapolis, Ind., US; Cologne, Germany; Glasgow, Scotland; and Vancouver, BC. Many of the cities listed also include improved 3D building coverage and improved turn-by-turn directions.

The Loop also notes that China has seen a number of Maps updates including "a new coloring scheme that matches the vector-based Maps; new Chinese character font for improved readability; re-prioritized locations so more relevant / interesting locations display first; updated road network; and it now contains narrower roads."

Finally The Loop reports that cities worldwide have seen updated labels, new satellite imagery and improved point-of-interest location information.

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