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EQII's Scars of the Awakened update is coming on April 30th

It's almost time for EverQuest II's game update 66: Scars of the Awakened. By almost time, of course, we mean that the patch itself isn't due until April 30th, but that won't keep us from talking about it!

The Norrathians are marching under the banner of the New Combine toward the borders of the Cobalt Scar, a region described as "majestic, lush, but tormented." There, players will find Sirens Grotto, a new dungeon that'll play host to solo, heroic, and raid challenges. They'll also find new collections, quest lines, items, and a host of class changes.

If you just cannot possibly wait to get your hands on this content, rejoice! The patch opens up for beta on April 2nd, and the team is relying on you to make sure it's well-tested!

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