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Last Week in WoW: Dinosaurs and bugs edition


Happy Tuesday morning everyone. We're a week into the new patch, and with a new patch comes new bugs. Among the biggest bugs to crop up in the wake of patch 5.2 so far were a pet leveling XP bug that let you level from 1-89 in a matter of hours, and a monk DPS bug that let them do massive damage. Both have been hotfixed.

Bugs are to be expected of course, and I find it sort of fun to see what crops up. Blizzard, of course, is pretty good about smashing them down, so in the end, I just like to sit back and watch the show. If bugs aren't your thing, there's plenty of other cool things going down with the patch. Downtime this morning starts at 5:00 a.m. PDT and is expected to last 6 hours, so you have time to catch up on the news. Read on for a roundup of patch 5.2 and the guides you'll need to get the most out of all the new content.

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