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Mint white 3DS XL freshens Japan in April, Pikachu 3DS XL appears in US ad


In more pretty-3DS-variant-not-headed-here news, Nintendo revealed a new mint and white skin for the 3DS XL in Japan, priced ¥18,900 ($197) headed for the country on April 18. The new color also gets its own spotted variant in a bundle with the 3DS sequel to the popular Mii collecting sim Tomodachi Collection, priced ¥22,800 ($237).

In pretty-3DS-variant-maybe-headed-here news, the absurdly adorable Pikachu 3DS XL could finally be coming over here after all. GoNintendo's NintenDaan spotted the yellow beauty in this very American commercial for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity - Nintendo has yet to announce any plans to bring the Pikachu console to North America.

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