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National Archives donates 1.2 million digital objects to Digital Public Library of America pilot project


The new Digital Public Library of America (or DPLA) will be kicking off its first big pilot project at the Boston Public Library next month, and it's now gotten a big shot in the arm courtesy of the US National Archives. It announced today that it's donating some 1.2 million digital objects to the effort, which range from founding documents to Civil War photos to World War II posters. That initial effort from the DPLA, dubbed the Digital Hubs Pilot Project, aims to stitch together a number of individual digital libraries now spread across the US into one network, and make the items from the National Archives and other institutions freely available to the public. In a statement, US Archivist David S. Ferriero says "the ability to seamlessly search across the collections of major cultural, historical, and research institutions improves democracy through education, and furthers the principles of Open Government." You can find the full announcement, and more on the DPLA at the source link.

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