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PlanetSide 2's GU04 introduces account unlocks, the two-man flash, and a new training zone

MJ Guthrie

Over the next couple of weeks, PlanetSide 2 players will be treated to a number of new goodies to help in their war efforts. Between next week's GU04 update and the patch the week after, soldiers will notice new equipment along with some account and UI changes.

One of the most anticipated incoming features is the account-wide unlocks for items bought with StationCash. Of course, faction items will still be restricted to factions. Speaking of factions, each one will be getting its hands on a new rocket launcher; these weapons pay homage to the empire-specific ones from the original PlanetSide. On the vehicle side, the flash buggy will have a rumble seat, allowing a passenger to come along for the ride and shoot anything that gets in the way, as well as a cloaking ability for Infiltrators. And all folks who want to give weapons or vehicles a test drive can enter VR Training, a safe zone devoid of resource costs and cool-down timers.

The March roadmap video demonstrates some of these changes as well as platoon management window improvements and membership enhancements. Check out the details in the video after the break.

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