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Futatsugi: Crimson Dragon is 'not far' from a final build


Microsoft and Panzer Dragoon creator Yukio Futatsugi are still working on Crimson Dragon, the Kinect rail shooter revealed in 2010 and since hit with a delay and a year-long silence. In fact, Futatsugi tells Eurogamer that Crimson Dragon is "not far off" from completion.

"Well, the game has been delayed and I know people are waiting for it, but it is definitely moving ahead," Futatsugi says. "Microsoft will announce it when they're ready."

A demo for Crimson Dragon launched briefly – and accidentally – on the Japanese Xbox Live Marketplace in January 2012, demonstrating the game's early mechanics and design. We're not saying the gameplay looks like doing the Hokey Pokey in front of a Kinect, but it looks like doing the Hokey Pokey in front of a Kinect. With dragons.

"When we started working on it I realized that a rail shooter is perfect for Kinect," Futatsugi says. "Kinect can't handle too much movement – you can't move totally freely. Also, it's better to keep the number of recognized movements simple so as not to confuse the Kinect system, and these things make a rail shooter the ideal choice."

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