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iPads at Idaho elementary's 'iSchool' pilot program


Idaho's Paul Elementary School has shared a video praising the iPads and networking that iSchool Campus set up for them. Students, faculty and staff all received iPads and after two-and-a-half months, the teachers and staff are seeing great results.

Principal Colleen Johnson notes, among other things, the financial benefits of running iPads. "We've saved about $20,000 per month making copies and on paper," she says, noting also that the iPads are used to take notes and practice skills, reducing the use of consumables.

Of course, the benefits are more than financial. Fifth grade teacher Ashlee notes that, "[The iPads] have given the kids ownership of their learning. They're excited to learn ... it allows the kids to really show me what they can do and what the know."

Paul Elementary's IT director praised the iSchool system saying, "You cannot pick a better technology package," noting how quickly and efficiently the iSchool team got the school building prepped and ready.

We've seen several other schools adopt iPads on a large scale, and even require them of incoming students. For many, it's nice to see Apple regain the education market it dominated for such a long time.

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