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Samsung Galaxy S IV gets detailed in extensive early preview, screen examined up close


We haven't exactly been lacking for leaks of Samsung's new Galaxy S IV ahead of its launch later today, but those looking for yet more can now get their fix courtesy of an extensive preview/review of the still-unofficial phone published by IT168. That's the same site that's been the source of a number of those aforementioned leaks in recent days. While it's still not clear if the phone in their possession is identical to Samsung's final retail device, it certainly appears to be a well-polished version, and decidedly familiar for anyone accustomed to the Galaxy S III. The preview goes particularly in-depth on the phone's screen, even going so far as to put it under a microscope to compare it to the Galaxy S III and Note II. Hit the source link below for a closer look yourself.

[Thanks, Humberto]

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