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Hackers rig up iPad-powered, driverless car


Oxford University isn't the only group working on an iPad-controlled car. As reported by Wired, a team of Russian hackers have also developed their own version of this Bond-inspired automobile.

The group took an old Opel Vectra and installed a handful of actuators and controllers in the car. These electronics connect wirelessly to an iPad that has custom software to pilot the automobile. The new hardware effectively takes over the steering and the shifting, removing control of the car from the driver and putting it under the capable guidance of an iPad.

The setup is pretty slick, except for the brakes and gas. Instead of a gradual control, the gas and brakes are either on or off. The system works fine in the controlled demo, but taking it out on the street would lead to a rather jolting ride. You can check out the project in the YouTube video below.

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