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Nab a discounted Secret World download with 1200 bonus points on Amazon

MJ Guthrie

If you've been waiting for a chance to grab The Secret World and delve into the realm of Templars, Illuminati, and Dragons, now's a good time to go for it. is currently offering the digital download of the conspiracy-laden game for $19.99, a $10 savings off the original price.

However, the deal gets even sweeter -- the purchase includes 1200 bonus points (the same amount members receive each month). These points can be used to obtain the new Issue #6 The Last Train to Cairo DLC that becomes available to non-subscribers on Sunday, March 17th. The DLC costs 1200 bonus points for non-members, 1080 for members, and 960 for grandmasters (lifetime subscribers). Members and grandmasters can purchase and access Issue #6 now.

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