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Take over DUST 514's planets one piece at a time

Eliot Lefebvre

DUST 514 doesn't just interact with EVE Online by being set in the same universe. Taking control of territory and planetary surfaces has always been part of the design goals behind the shooter, reminiscent of the interstellar control offered by the older game, and the latest development blog examines how players will go about taking over a planet. It all starts by taking control of a district on a temperate planet, with each habitable world in the game universe harboring anywhere between five and 24 individual districts.

Controlling a district gives you access to military clones, the backbone of your economy and defense force. You can also use the clones to expand into new territory or sell excess stock. Of course, your facilities are vulnerable during clone production, offering rival corporations a chance to swoop in and take control... possibly with the aid of a tactical orbital strike courtesy of allies in starships. It's a multifaceted system that promises to give players plenty of reasons to conduct negotiations solely via sharp bits of metal.

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