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HarmoKnight hops to Europe March 28


Cutesy 3DS rhythm platformer HarmoKnight bops its way to Europe's eShop on March 28. Nintendo confirmed the same release date for North America earlier this year, but Europe will have to wait a little longer for the demo. It's out in North America now, but won't be across the ocean until March 21.

As you might gather from the above trailer, HarmoKnight comes courtesy of Pokémon dev Game Freak. As this Iwata Asks feature reveals, while Game Freak was apprehensive about putting Pokémon songs in a fantasy-themed game, they couldn't resist adding some bonus Pokémon-themed levels outside of the main story. So yes, in HarmoKnight there's a taste of a Pokémon rhythm platformer - something we've never wanted until right now.

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