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Max uncaps his Magic Marker again in XBLA's 'Curse of Brotherhood'


XBLA exclusives are becoming rarer and rarer. The latest is a sequel to Max & The Magic Marker by developer Press Play. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood sees a very impressively CG-rendered hero accidentally banish his brother to another dimension, then going on a quest (with the help of his reality-altering marker) to rescue him.

The presentation has evolved from brightly-colored cel-shading to a more realistic 3D look, though the 2.5D gameplay is intact. In the introductory trailer, the magic marker is used to draw vines, water, and more.

The game launches this spring on XBLA, for 1200 Microsoft Points. It's a cautionary tale, to warn you of what would happen if you put a curse on your sibling but didn't have any other magic powers.

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