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Metareview: Ridiculous Fishing


Clone victim Ridiculous Fishing is angling for attention and, as we noted in our review, it is certainly ridiculous. We aren't the only ones who think so.
  • Touch Arcade (100/100): "Ridiculous Fishing is such a complete package that it's an effortless recommendation. It totally captures that gameplay niche of a game you can load up and play for a few minutes while providing a feel of progression that also makes the title suitable for substantially longer play sessions."
  • Edge (90/100): "This is, ultimately, a simple little smartphone title, modest in its ambitions. That isn't to say it's a minor release, merely that it's a much smaller game than the story surrounding it."
  • IGN (80/100): "Ridiculous Fishing could have probably been made even more ridiculous. The four fishing spots don't really feel distinct from one another. The geometric, almost cubist design is absolutely gorgeous, but it contributes to the feeling that you're seeing the same sights repeatedly. Lure and gun upgrades spice up the gameplay somewhat, but they don't really change the fact that this is a simple arcade experience with beautiful audiovisual design."
  • Eurogamer (80/100): "And the moral of the story? A great game design can always be ripped off, sadly, but talent will out in the end. You can't cut-and-paste the artistry and attitude that Vlambeer has brought to this extravagant bit of disposable nonsense. You can't copy a true original - even before it's out."

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