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Pokémon Rumble U toys revealed


Nintendo officially unveiled six launch figurines for upcoming eShop brawler Pokémon Rumble U in Japan. Following the CoroCoro reveal earlier this week, Nintendo published images of the six toy critters - there's another special figure yet to be revealed - which are being released on April 24 alongside Rumble U, or Scramble U as it's known in Japan. The sextet comprises Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Torchic, Lucario, Victini, and the oh-so-cute Piplup.

As the debut trailer shows, the toys use the Wii U's Near Fields Communication tech to inferface with the game, allowing them, much like in Activision's Skylanders franchise, to appear as in-game characters. Rumble U remains unconfirmed for release outside of Japan, but if the game proves a success - who can see
Pokémon meets Skylanders being anything but a goldmine? - it would be staggering for it not to make its way west.

Rumble U is priced ¥1800 (around $19), and individual figures ¥200 each (around $2).

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