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Shake hands, hearts with Ace Attorney 5's heroine, Kizuki Kokone


Ace Attorney 5 for 3DS features a new emotion reading system, provided by Wright Anything Agency's latest addition, Kizuki Kokone. We first got a glimpse of Kokone and her ability to read people's emotions in this trailer, but now Capcom provides more information about her powers and personal background, as translated by Siliconera.

Kokone's Heart Scope ability allows her to listen to the emotions behind a witness' testimony and suss out the truth behind contradictory statements or lies. The Heart Scope pulls up a screen with four emotions and a lot of "noise;" players must clear the static by finding discrepancies between different combinations of testimonies and emotions. Once the noise reaches 0 percent, that emotion reading becomes a fact for the case.

Ace Attorney 5 features full 3D animations for the first time, including within the courtroom and during investigations.

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