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Steam Daily Deal: Far Cry series for $40, Ubisoft games on sale


The Far Cry Franchise Pack is on sale for $40 on Steam today as the platform's Daily Deal. This deal is part of a larger Steam sale, as today is day three of the Ubisoft Publisher Weekend, so other Ubisoft-published games are 35 to 50 percent off on the platform as well.

The Far Cry Franchise Pack includes all three games in the series along with the Far Cry 3 Deluxe Bundle DLC, which is 40 percent off ($5.99). Far Cry and Far Cry 2: Fortune's Edition are each 75 percent off today ($2.49), and Far Cry 3 has been hacked down by 40 percent ($29.99). Among the other Ubisoft games on sale today, Rayman Origins is 66 percent off ($6.79) and Assassin's Creed 3's price has been chopped by 35 percent ($32.49).

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