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Might and Magic X reveal at PAX East teased by Ubisoft


The main Might and Magic line looks set to return after a decade in the wilderness. Ubisoft is teasing a Might and Magic website with the above image, with the words "Meet us at PAX East!" beneath it.

While the Might and Magic name has seen continued releases through the Heroes of Might and Magic strategy line and Clash of Heroes, the main role-playing series hasn't seen a release since 2002's M&M IX. After consulting our Roman Numerals handbook, we reckon the image heavily points towards M&M X and a reveal at this weekend's PAX East.

After original M&M publisher 3DO went bankrupt in 2003, new license holder Ubisoft said M&M X was unlikely to ever happen because of branding choices. However, an unofficial open-source M&M X project emerged last year, and is still in development.

While it's never 100 percent safe to assume anything, the most damning evidence of all for M&M X's upcoming announcement is Ubisoft's own tweet, which includes an unfortunately failed attempt to hashtag the game - gotta watch out for those ampersands.

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