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Oculus Rift won't come bundled with Doom 3, credit or refund offered instead

Zach Honig

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This news is likely to be a bit disappointing to some Oculus Rift backers. Project supporters were set to be rewarded with a copy of Doom 3: BFG Edition, which was to arrive bundled with each development kit. Unfortunately, it turns out that the device won't support the game at launch, so the team is offering some alternative compensation instead. You can opt for a $20 Steam Wallet credit, $25 Oculus Store credit or a full refund of your original pledge, if you so desire. Log in to make your pick by April 5th -- if you miss that deadline, you'll automatically receive the $25 credit to the Oculus Store. Kickstarter backers can hit up the source link to make their pick.

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