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Hudson Booksellers opens online store, expands beyond overpriced sundries

Zach Honig

Is it not enough to make a killing selling $5 bottles of Dasani and two-pill packs of Tylenol? Hudson Booksellers, from the folks behind those fine Hudson News airport establishments, has begun peddling e-books and book books online. The site, which appears to be (at least partially) powered by Kobo, offers a wide variety of titles, and some are even free. Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code is the current pro-bono selection -- a click to download will bring you to a loosely branded Hudson page on Kobo's site, though you can score other titles without hopping over to a partner. Who wouldn't want to purchase prose from an online store that lists "Copywrite © Hudson Booksellers" at the bottom of the page, you say? We're nearly sold, but it wouldn't hurt to throw in a cross-platform incentive; a coupon for $4 off a 16-ounce bottle of purified water at any US airport or train station might just do the trick.

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